Many Apple users wondering whether they need any app to clean up their device or not. But before downloading it you should know what is wrong with your computer in the first place.

In this guide we will explain in which cases you need to clean your Mac and provide some easy steps to follow to achieve this.

You Need To Clean Your Mac If You’ve Faced Such Problems:

Boot up is taking too long
Your Mac can’t handle 5-8 apps at once
Constant crashes or freezes
The fan became louder or works overtime

Learn How to Activate CleanMyMac

As long as you’ve bought CleanMyMac, you’ll receive the activation key on your e-mail. All you have to do is just send it and your download will start automatically.

Steps to Activate CleanMyMac:

  • Open CleanMyMac.dmg in Download history
  • Activate CleanMyMac.pkg and follow installation instructions
  • Remove CleanMyMac icon from Applications to the Dock to monitor your Mac’s condition
  • Open Top menu, choose Subscription, select Activate and enter the activation key from your e-mail address.

CleanMyMac Main Features

Be aware of all tools that will help you to maintain your computer in a running condition.

Smart Assistant scans your Mac on junk or hazardous files. It works on the background and never interferes your routine working mode. Moreover, it updates you with new opportunities to make your Mac’s performance better.

Cleanup maintains your Mac’s system and automatically removes all unwanted files from your computer. You just have click one button to make it start. Once it finishes the process you’ll receive the message with all the results.

Tools help you to optimize your Mac’s system. Also it’s a check-up of all your inside files after they’ve been cleaned up. If there’ll be any junk file or duplicate that haven’t been removed, you’ll know about this in a minute.

How Else Does It Maintain Your Mac

Cleans up Your Images and iTunes
Downloading pics and music you also get tons of junk data or files. CleanMyMac cleans it up for you to free up space on your memory.

Clears your private info
Basically, it deletes all the traces from your daily activity like Browser cookies, Massage history etc.

Uninstall apps
Removes applications which you don’t use, leaving no leftovers on your computer.

Threats Tools
Finds out all suspicious or potentially hazardous files of duplicates, informing you about them.

Manages your Trash bins
Cleans up all the garbage that you have on your Mac: Mail Trash, Mac’s Trash etc.

Programs That Can Assist You With Cleanup For Mac

We understand that a lot of Mac users can’t waste too much time on the attempts to make their computer faster. That is why we strongly recommend you to use Mac cleaning software.


Mac Cleaner

There are several apps that can help you to speed up your Mac, but none of them as effective as CleanMyMac.

It’s not just about all the benefits from using this software, it’s also about how easy and quick the process could be.

  • Purchase CleanMyMac
  • Launch up the app
  • Click Unlock Full Version and use your verification number
  • Click Cleanup
  • Click Scan and as long as it’s done click Clean


Enjoy the Speed

After Mac clean up you will immediately notice an increase in speed and functioning. If there was some files or problems that have been missed, then CleanMyMac can be set to your preferred settings. All this guarantees the perfect stay of your Mac for any use and needs.